Foreign Holiday Returners: Quarantine and Pay Rules

Another bump in the road for employers as it has been announced at very short notice that returners from Spain will now need to quarantine. 

What are the pay entitlements? Download our graphic opposite for information (or click below to download)

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Flexible Furlough Scheme : FFS

Common questions on the Flexible Furlough Scheme

Who can claim?

31 July will be the last day to submit claims for the periods ending on or before 30 June 2020.

Eligibility following 1 July 2020 is limited to those who completed a 3 week furlough period proper to 30 June 2020.

This means that the last chance for an employee to be in the furlough scheme and therefore FFS will be limited to those who have met this criteria.

The exception being employees returning from statutory parental leave. For how much employers will need to contribute, click 'read more'

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How long does an employee need to be on FFS?

Prior to 30 June 2020 someone on furlough must complete a 3 week continuous period on the scheme. 
From 1 July there is no minimum period to be on furlough, however each  claim must be for a minimum of one week. Employers can put in only 4 claims a month (not 31 for each day).

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When can an employee return to work?

Those on furlough can return from 1 July, and access the FFS provided they have completed a 3 week period by 30 June 2020. 
Employers will be responsible for covering the wages of employees for the periods that they work. The remainder of unworked time can be claimed from FFS subject to the scheme limits.
REMEMBER, when an employee is on a period that is designated as furlough they must not do any work. 

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Furlough Myths

Your business has to be closing or fighting insolvency to use the scheme: WRONG
The grant is there for those who cannot maintain their workforce because operations have been affected by corona virus.

It is illegal to delay a redundancy and use the grant scheme: WRONG

The scheme permits those who have been made redundant to return to their employer and be placed on the scheme. It is illegal to keep an employee on when their fixed term contract would have ended: WRONG The scheme expressly permits the ability to re employ a fixed term worker and place them on the furlough scheme.

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Furlough Myths: Shielding and Caring

Shielding employees can only be paid sick pay: WRONG

Employees unable to work because they are shielding are able to be placed on furlough.

Employees who are caring for a family member/on other unpaid leave are not eligible for furlough: WRONG

Employees who are having to look after children or have other caring responsibilities or on other types of unpaid leave can continue to be furloughed.

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Furlough Myths: Other Leave

You can cover short term sickness absence with Furlough: WRONG

Furlough is not intended to cover short term absences. However if an employer needs for business reasons to place an employee on furlough who is off sick, they are able to do so. The decision is for the employer to decide who is placed on furlough.

Once an employee is on furlough they cannot be moved onto SSP: WRONG

An employer can end furlough and place and employee on SSP

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Furlough: June - October

One page summary of the changes to the scheme from June to end of October when the Scheme will close. 
Click on the image on the right for the downloadable version. 

Annual Leave Guide

Guide for Annual Leave

The Furlough Scheme has now been extended in its current form until 31 July 2020.
From 1 August to 31 October 2020 employees will continue to receive 80% of their salary but the Employer will be required to share a burden of this payment, expected to be in the region of 20%. Employees will be able to work part time from 1 August 2020.
As soon as further details of the scheme (and any impact on annual leave) and its workings are released we will update this page. 

Can employees request annual leave top top up their pay to 100% during Furlough?

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Can employers require an employee to take annual leave?

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Should Bank Holidays be paid at 100% 

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Does Holiday Pay have to be paid in full?

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Does annual leave accrue during Furlough ? 

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How has annual leave carry over been affected?

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Furlough: The Next Stages

There have been lots of rumours in the press anticipating the Chancellor's next announcement. We are expecting further clarification within the next 24 hours, however key messages seem to be as follows:

1. Employers will be contributing to Furlough from 1 August 2020- whether this is in the form of paying employees for part time work that they do or simply picking up a proportion of the tab going forward isn't yet clear.

We expect that it will be in the form of employees returning to work part time and the Employer paying that element. The employer contribution is expected to be 20% reducing the government support to 60% (from 80%)

2. No new entrants to Furlough scheme, potentially therefore:
         - any businesses who have not already claimed on the scheme will be barred from doing so               going forward 
         - only employees already in the scheme will be permitted to continue using furlough. So any              employees who have not been on furlough already will not be permitted entry to the scheme. 


Have a think about how you will need to prepare your business? If you are not already in the scheme are there steps you can take to make sure you are included in time? Are there any other employees you need to enter into the scheme?

As soon as we have more information we will be posting here, so keep an eye on the page and our social media!

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Holiday Pay 'Clarification'

Don't get too excited.....HMRC have true to form raised more questions that answers!

Employers can force employees to take annual leave (with the required notice) provided the employee can enjoy their annual leave. We really wish we were joking.

HMRC has stated:

If an employer requires a worker to take holiday while on furlough, the employer should consider whether any restrictions the worker is under, such as the need to socially distance or self-isolate, would prevent the worker from resting, relaxing and enjoying leisure time, which is the fundamental purpose of holiday.

More on this topic from us soon as we think it is littered with risk for employers! Watch this space!

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Covid Complinant and Furlough Update

The Government released guidance for safety in the workplace during the Coronavirus Crisis. Please see below for the .gov content. Keep scrolling down the page for the rest of our COVID Content.

12 May: Furlough Scheme extension announced to end of October 2020. It is anticipated from 1 August to 31 October 2020 that the scheme will incorporate part time working, however full details will be made available towards the end of May.

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English Lock Down Changes

Covering the changes to the lockdown in England and how this affects the workplace

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Welsh Lockdown Changes

Changes to Welsh Lockdown 

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Cross Border Issues

How the differences between England and Wales affect businesses and travel to work

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Webinar with JVP Group

- End of Furlough
- Redundancy and Short Time Working
- Testing
- Getting back to work and reluctant returners

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Furlough Extension Announced 

Brief commentary on the reduction from 80% to 60% that is anticipated for July 2020 to the Furlough Scheme, and steps that employers may need to take. 

Are your staff eligible for testing?

Testing Eligibility 

Cardboard Shortage, RIDDOR and Getting Back to Work

Coronavirus: Testing Schemes


Getting back to Earth

Legal Issues

Key Worker List

Furlough Update 16 April 2020

This update covers:
- employee eligibility
- written agreement for furlough
- holiday on furlough

Furlough: Annual Leave

What to do about Annual Leave during Furlough

Furlough Workers

- the scheme
- how it works
- what we know so far