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EU Workers Brexit Guide

A downloadable guide to employing EU workers after 31 December 2020 with Brexit guidance

Brexit Guide

Sample letter to Employees

You can use this letter for employees who may need to apply for Settled Status. Template provided by Home Office.
You are not obligated to communicate with your employees however you may consider as a matter of employee relations that it is good practice.

Settled Status Letter

Points System Guidance

Home Office Guidance on the new points system for VISAs required post 31 December 2020. 
Keep an eye out for updates as we provide a quick reference guide over the coming days

Points System

Sponsoring Guide

Useful Home Office guide for sponsoring: It is essential you apply to be a sponsor if you wish to employ skilled migrants post 31 December 2020


Testing Consent Form

We have put together a 'Testing Consent Form' for employer to use when implementing a testing regime at work. 
Remember however best practice would be for this form to also be issued with your Data Protection Policy and any information as to how you will keep health data secure (as it is a Special Category of Personal Data)
The form comes with a caveat that it is a general document, issued in general terms, you should always ensure you take specific advice in relation to your specific circumstances and needs. 


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Employee Testing, Reluctant Returners and other Employment Issues

Free Training Session hosted by DVSC

Redundancy Guide

Many employers are facing difficult decisions regarding whether or not to reduce their workforce or even close whole areas of their business. 

Our free redundancy guide provides you with the basic details you need to know about redundancy.

Redundancy is a complicated area fraught with risk, always ensure you take advice before commencing such a process.

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Home Office Issues

Free training session hosted by Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council

Home working practical tips

Managing a Remote Workforce

Free training session hosted by Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council

Practical tips, methods and techniques for keeping your team together and undertaking effective management 

Coronavirus Risk Assessment Template

If you are working towards bringing staff back to work, make sure you read our free Coronavirus Risk Assessment Template. Ensure that you keep any risk assessments on file and have worked through a clear and methodical process that you can evidence before you make the decision that you have a work environment suitable for returning staff. 

Risk Assessment

Employment Updates

2020-2021 Employment Rates

S1 Statement Changes

Restrictive Covenants: What you need to know